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About Miraj Musical

Miraj Musical Instrument Cases

We are the manufacturers of Various types of hard fiberglass cases required for musical instruments.

We began the journey 8 years ago, of making highly skilled handcrafted and premium quality fiberglass cases which offer you better protection for your delicate musical instruments. In the field of music we have contributed a plenty of inventions to make your travelling experience look versatile and provide utmost safety and comfort whilst offering high space efficiency for any instrument. We have satisfied 100% of our customers with handcrafted customised cases of any size and shape. We introduced a unique invention into this scene by giving a innovative addition of splash design cases which is a scratch-proof designed concept.

All of our features

We introduced inbuilt wheels for the first time, which provide longterm durability due its capability of absorbing physical shocks and enhancing the integrity of the case. They are noise-free due to rubber coated wheels.

We introduced inbuilt locks for the first time, it is made up of heavy grade of metal which gives extended durability, provide high profile locking system and is embedded inside the case body which makes it damage free.

All of our accessories like handles, nylon straps, buckles, bottom studs, trolleys, hinges, shoulder rest, backpack attachment system are made up of finest qualities imported from other countries.

Our Story

Miraj Musical (instrument cases) was founded 8 years ago by Bashir and his son Tuffel in Miraj, Maharashtra India. Initially, they launched a small offering of sitar and tanpura cases in the town of Miraj which is famous for tanpura. From Miraj, gradually they covered whole maharashtra which yielded out high demand of likes of tabla cases, harmonium cases and pakwaj cases. This resulted in high requirements for cases from tamil nadu, kerela, karnataka, andhra pradesh and eventually they took the business in entire south india by storm!! South india needed a good protection for their prestigious saraswati veenas for safe exportation, this made bashir and his son tuffel to design a saraswati veena case for south india to meet their needs. This helped Miraj musical to initiate the making of various types of cases for south indian musical insturments like mridangam, ghatam, south indian tanpura and electric veena. By then, they started making cases for instruments like dilruba, taus, sarangi, saranda, israj, khol, sarod, santoor, ektara, rabab and rudraveena which are famous in north indian states like punjab, rajasthan, west bengal and delhi. This way the business grew around the entire india. Today, Miraj musical's cases are being exported all around the globe from Miraj city. They produce upto 5000 cases per annum.

Many musicians, players and artists are using their handcratfed cases and are happy with their finest works. They're so passionate about their product that they keep coming up every day with innovative ideas and formulas to make your experience comfortable, durable and efficient. Now their only vision, which is to make a safe case for every other instrument, is in process!!

Miraj Musical


452 / 1, M.G road, Near SFC Mall, Sangli 416416 Maharashtra (India)

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